About Us

Classical Revolution Northern Colorado

Classical Revolution NoCo is a nonprofit of classically-trained professional musicians dedicated to performing high-quality chamber music in non-traditional settings. We want to make classical music as accessible as possible to new audiences, cut down the production costs, and get the musicians out of the concert halls and into popular venues.

Just think: you get to applaud whenever you feel like it. You get to meet the musicians. You get to learn about classical and contemporary music, and you get to be where you are most comfortable—and with a drink in your hands.

To learn more about the Classical Revolution movement, visit the mother ship in San Francisco: http://classicalrevolution.org/about/.

  • New Belgium Event
  • Quartet - Four on the Floor
  • Oboe Music - Quartet
  • Quartet at New Belgium Brewery
  • Beers and Classical Musicians!

Chamber Music From the Ground Up

We have two goals:

  • To enrich the Fort Collins community by presenting upbeat high-quality and accessible classical music in non-tradition settings, and
  • To foster collaborations with local businesses—bars, breweries, cafes and restaurants, museums, and hospitals and other arts organizations.


 Look. Classical music is cool. It’s fun to play, it’s fun to listen to. It’s even more fun with a drink in your hand and a friend by your side.

If you’re not familiar with classical music, you should be. If you think classical music can’t speak to someone like you, you’re wrong. If you think you can only appreciate classical music sitting in a concert hall staring in silence at a stage full of musicians in black, guess what? Wrong again.We want to take classical chamber music out of the concert halls and put it back where it belongs: out where people the people are, out where people like to be…in bars and breweries, restaurants and cafes, schools and museums.Music is the first, most natural voice of all humans. Really good music expresses the best that humanity has to offer. Such music deserves to be performed–and heard–by as many as it can reach.

Because a life filled with music is always better. Always. Especially with a drink in your hand.

Where words fail, music speaks.

– Hans Christian Andersen