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Let’s go to the movies! Amadeus in Old Town

Let's go to the movies!

What: Pre-show reception featuring local actors, period costumes, performances, & more, followed by a screening of the 1984 movie Amadeus.

When: April 22, 2015, 6:30pm

Where: Lyric Cinema
300 E Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 493-0893
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$22 General Admission
$18 Members

(970) 458-5020

  Half of the proceeds from each ticket sale will go back to the Fort Collins Chamber Music Society so we can continue the work of bringing classical music and culture to the Fort Collins community!

In 1984 the film Amadeus took the world by storm, creating a brand new outlook on what was seen as a stodgy, traditional musical genre. The stigma of classical musicians during the past century has been that of being uptight, boring, and even unneeded in the modern world. However, films like Amadeus show these musicians and composers as being just as exciting, outrageous, and entertaining as today’s celebrity artists. To reinforce this fact, the Fort Collins Chamber Music Society is presenting a special screening of Amadeus together with a pre-show reception, an event called “Too Many Notes: Amadeus.”

Along with the screening of the academy award winning movie, musicians from the Fort Collins Chamber Music Society will kick off the event by performing a selection of music ranging from Mozart to the Shins, all while wearing Henry Award-winning period costumes from OpenStage’s recent production of Amadeus. In addition to FCCMS’s live music, actors Jonathan Farwell, who played the role of Antonio Salieri in the touring version of the Broadway stage production of Amadeus, and Stetson Weddle, who has played Mozart in numerous stage productions of the film, will also be performing.

  We are grateful to our event sponsors: Robert Crow, Piano & Guitar Institute, and Lyric Cinema Cafe. Thank you!

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