Barnes and Noble Book Fair

It’s December 6. There’s no escaping it. The Holiday Season is upon us. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. If you’re anything at all like me, it’s also the time of year to Freak Out. For musicians, it means Nutcrackers all month, driving in...
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Thank you!

Dear FCCMS Supporters, We would like to sincerely thank everyone who made a donation to the FCCMS. Whether it was through the Tango Gala, Indiegogo campaign, or a general donation, your continued support is greatly appreciated! Right away we were able...
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Think of us when you shop on Amazon!

FCCMS is excited to announce our partnership with Next time you make a purchase from Amazon, go through, and 5% of your purchase will go towards supporting our organization at no extra cost to you. Please help us continue...
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Support the arts…dance a tango!

Fort Collins Chamber Music Society and present… STRICTLY TANGO 1st Annual Gala Ever wanted to learn to tango? Our friends at will give you intimate lessons as you support the arts during our first annual fundraiser! Join us for an...
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Announcing July 2015 Indiegogo Campaign!

Go to Indiegogo and help us raise $3,400 before July 31! The Fort Collins Chamber Music Society (FCCMS) is excited to kick off their Indiegogo campaign, Melody of Our History. Our goal of $3,400 is to help match a grant we received from The City of Fort...
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Let’s go to the movies! Amadeus in Old Town

In 1984 the film Amadeus took the world by storm, creating a brand new outlook on what was seen as a stodgy, traditional musical genre. The stigma of classical musicians during the past century has been that of being uptight, boring, and even unneeded...
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Books + Music + Elves = Holiday Cheer!

Dr. Seuss really had the right idea about the winter holidays being more than what’s found on store shelves, but we’d like to expand upon this idea of seasonal giving. Everyone likes presents- giving and getting them. Period. The planning, the secrecy,...
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Live Music at Barnes and Noble

Written by Glenn Telling Why not treat yourself to a bit of culture and support the arts at a couple of upcoming events that combine the emotional power of live music by renowned professional practitioners with bookish erudition? The Fort Collins Chamber...
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What do running and classical music have in common?

That got you scratching your head? Well, I’ll tell you what running and classical music have in common: Fort Collins. Like many of you (I’m willing to bet), I moved here a couple of years ago from a place back east. In my case, I moved here in large...
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A few words from our President (mark your calendars!)

Obviously, people, we are fundraising. We are a nonprofit and we are trying to raise money. We want to raise money so that we can pay our musicians to go out to local venues with fun and interesting music. We are also raising money to match a Fort Fund...
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